Automatic Standby Power Cut-Off Socket

Introduction of Automatic Standby Power Cut-off Socket

About standby power
Electric power consumption during idling of the electronic devices while plugged in. (It takes about 10 to 20% of household power consumption) It’s called “electric vampire” as it consumes electricity regardless of operation of the electronic devices.
Rapidly increasing usage of power and wasted power
As the usage of cooling/heating machines as well as the types of various IT devices increase, the amount of power consumption rapidly increases every day. Moreover, the unused and wasted standby power is more than 10% of the total power usage and, especially, the wasted power due to poor management of PCs we use everyday takes up about 70% of the total power consumption.
In Korea, the cost of electricity has increased by 21.7% (overall average) since 2009 and it is an evitable reality that it will continue to rise due to a reform of electricity prices in the future.
Need of energy demand-control outlet
The Korean government has significantly transformed its energy policies from regulation control-centered to demand control-centered.
Through power control, Celtech World's automatic standby power cut-off socket proactively performs power saving.
Automatic standby power cut-off socket fulfilling Korean government's energy policies
To effectively respond to global environmental regulations and climate changes, the Korean government has introduced the energy target management system and building energy evaluation system to be implemented mandatorily, with which have strengthened compulsion of compliance
Implementation of Framework Act On Low Carbon, Green Growth (No. 11676) hinges on "reduction of greenhouse gas and energy savings"
Celtech World's automatic standby power cut-off socket is the product that fulfills the government's energy policies the best.
Technology that considers environment is a responsibility, not an option
Throughout the world, energy issues and emission of greenhouse gas are intensifying. A variety of economic and environmental issues caused by global warming have become more than something to worry about; it is now a matter of survival.
"Environmental technology" of the nation and company is not an option anymore; it is a responsibility.
Eco-friendly outlet that leads energy savings and CO2 reduction
"Celtech World's standby power automatic shutoff power-saving outlet"